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The flag of Saudi Arabia is seen in this file photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP, Amr NabilAmr Nabil/The Associated Press

For today’s edition, we are highlighting a few examples of our readers maintaining civil discourse, despite having a difference of opinion.

From Saudi Arabia allows medical trainees to stay in Canada, by Andre Picard and Carly Weeks

Please leave.

These positions should be occupied by Canadian medical graduates.

Many who had to go to Australia, Ireland etc to get a degree as there are a large number of foreign born students occupying these positions. – 12345Bill

This prompted the following exchange

IF the provincial government would allow Canadians to take these positions AND the provincial governments increased the number of positions for medical students THEN Canadians could fill the positions. Otherwise, when the Saudi trainees go home, the positions will disappear. Canada needs doctors ... it’s amazing that more people are not demanding better healthcare, particularly in Quebec. – dippydoodle

The Saudis pay for the spots. Which province will fund the space? Anyone? Election in NB and Quebec. Ask those running if they even have a position on this. – Mr. Yellin

Another discussion from this story

Canada should kick them out. This arrangement with the heinous Saudis needs to end. – Conservative for Life

You’re way off base. About a third of the trainees are female. Many are outstanding students in their medical school. Canada provides them (along with the male trainees) with a four-year long view of a liberal society and an opportunity to succeed when they get their FRCSC or FRCPC and return home.

A lot of these people will end up in influential positions in the community, hospital and government. In the end, by knowing first hand how a different society provides opportunity for young people, they will have some ideas on how to make change work. – dippydoodle

We should replace them with Iranian students. – Conservative for Life

We used to have trainees from Iran. Nice guys and serious doctors, at least the ones I worked with.

We still get a lot of graduate students, just not medical trainees. Not sure what changed. – dippydoodle

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Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier speaks at the Conservative Party of Canada leadership convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 26, 2017. REUTERS/Chris Wattie/File PhotoChris Wattie/Reuters

From How Maxime Bernier could play the role of spoiler, a column from Margaret Wente

Anyone who risks letting Junior get another term will never get my vote – Jack Bauer

Don227 jumped in with this thoughtful response

Attitudes like this are part of the problem, as far as I can see. You’re voting against somebody, not really for anybody. Regard Trudeau (not “Junior”) as you like, but vote FOR some other candidate, because you endorse what s/he stands for or believe in what s/he can do for the country. Any other attitude risks running us all down the toilet bowl.

Bernier does seem very likely to take some votes from the Conservatives. Scheer’s best tactic to get some of them back would be to tell us more about who and what he is. To date, his leadership has been based on letting us know he is not Trudeau. We already knew that, Andrew, please tell us something more. – Don227

Well I thought Scheer showed real leadership on the Diary Supply issue. The only remaining decision is whether it is in or out of the Conservative platform. That ambiguity is an example of Scheer’s leadership skills that all Conservatives can support. – Ric_hard

I would usually agree, but I think in this case .... given the extreme circumstance of such an incompetent government we need to take whatever measures we can. – Jack Bauer

That makes no sense. If the alternative is no better why would I vote for it?

Scheer has to earn his votes the same as everyone else. Releasing some policies would be a good start. – Exedus

It makes lots of sense if you are so opposed to one issue that you are compelled to act against it. The carbon tax will reduce our standard of living it is a half-baked idea that will have no effect at all on global temperatures. It and the liberal government need to dispose of in the next election... it will be that harmful. Sometimes the new guy earns the vote or the incumbent loses it. In this case anything is better than Trudeau...he deserves to lose it hands down. – Jack Bauer

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