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Today, readers are responding to Denise Balkissoon’s column, Kids are cruel. They learn it from us.

Six teens have been arrested and charged in connection with an alleged sexual assault at St. Michael's, all-boys private school in Toronto, police said Monday as they warned additional charges could follow an investigation into other incidents.Tijana Martin/The Canadian Press

A solid case for your point, Denise. It's the lack of moral development that causes children to absorb bad adult behaviour. The moral is that we should try to be at our best around children. - Ambrose99

The heading of your article is, unfortunately, so true. And I say that as a white, middle-aged male. We should hold up a mirror to ourselves. What kind of men are we developing? I reject the notion that "boys will be boys". That is a lame excuse for bad behaviour. - Guenther Moeller

Great article. Regardless of whether the bullying starts at home. Time to be parents and teach your children what’s right. Abuse of anyone is not right. The irony is the motto of St. Mikes [Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge] and of course, the religious basis of the School. - torontonian5

What else readers are talking about:

Brampton judge denounces Ontario government over lack of courtrooms by Sean Fine

He's got a point but judges also need to take some responsibility. Much of the burden is caused by repeat offenders who really tax the system. People would have more confidence in the system, as he phrases it, if they knew that crime would lead to real jail time. - DeVriesRichard

In response to DeVriesRichard:

Yes, longer sentences would be helpful. Both as a deterrent and as a way of reducing criminal's ability to get back on the streets and commit the next crime. - Fool Finder

In response to Fool Finder:

I am wondering if we should be careful what we wish for. Would longer sentences also cost more tax dollars, taking away from other programs we'd prefer to fund, like the education of young kids? - Bishenden

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