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Illustrations by Graham Roumieu

April, 2021

Marketing firms working on behalf of feral hogs fail to get the phrase “Boaring Twenties” to catch on, enraging the pigs. After the hogs rampage across the country, bringing further attention to their cause, public opinion shifts and the decade’s nickname is forever preserved in the history books.

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September, 2022

North America is beset with civil unrest and rioting organized by a movement known as “the Sweater Vests,” which consists of disgruntled seniors sick of being told “OK Boomer” in comment sections and on social media.

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March, 2023

The scientific breakthrough of time travel is immediately co-opted by reality television. In the hit series Taunting Albert Einstein, contestants are sent back in time to mercilessly prank the beloved theoretical physicist. Annoyed, he abandons his work, thereby negating the possibility of a time-travel-capable future.

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November, 2024

They are called ambitious. They are laughed at. They are told the platform is a networking wasteland. Yet they persist and a person becomes President of the United States of America purely because they are good at LinkedIn.

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February, 2026

On the third anniversary of ayahuasca being made legal in Canada, Governor-General Purple Space Jaguar leads the nation in a spirited sing-a-long of its new national anthem Canada Canada … Just Wow … Like Totally Wow!

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July, 2028

In the Los Angeles Summer Olympics, athletes from the Republic of Alberta compete against those from Scotland in & Field, which has recently separated from Track.

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October, 2029

At first, surprise and wonder as Atlantis resurfaces. Later, anger and outrage as leaked documents reveal Atlantis’s centuries of providing a tax haven for the ultrawealthy.

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