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As difficult as it is to keep finding new ways to describe the moral failings of Donald Trump, the effort has to be made. Especially now, after mail bombs were sent to the homes and offices of people the President has repeatedly attacked in his rally speeches and on Twitter.

Among the recipients: Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama. Joe Biden. George Soros. John Brennan. Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Robert De Niro. All have been notable critics of the President. All were targeted.

None of the bombs exploded, thankfully. Most never even reached their targets. Mr. Trump rotely denounced these failed acts of terror and called on Americans “to unify."

But what the President didn’t do is to acknowledge that his glorification of violence at his rallies, his demonization of his critics, his racism, his tacit support of violent white supremacists, his crude comments about women, his portrayal of the media as “the enemy of the people,” his lies and his fear-mongering have helped to bring his country to a moment where something so alarming could happen.

We don’t blame him for the bombs. Mr. Trump is not responsible for the actions of other people. But he is responsible for his words, and he should use them to defuse the anger and incivility that have marked his presidency.

What he ought to do is gather the people who were targeted with him in the White House and denounce the attacks in their presence.

But that will never happen, because Mr. Trump likes the anger. The reality-television theatre of American politics today, with its faux outrage and Manichean intrigues, is the deliberate creation of the President. He feeds it and feeds on it, and uses it to keep his critics off-balance.

On Thursday, he blamed “a very big part” of the anger in the United States on the “purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the Mainstream Media.” Even with the escalation that the bombing attempts represent, he didn’t hesitate to single out an enemy for renewed attack based on an outright lie.

By failing to reverse a deteriorating situation when he had the power to do so, he will bear the responsibility if and when this gets worse.

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