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Great editorials of the past

The Globe and Mail and Empire merger Add to ...

This isn't the first day The Globe and Mail presented a new face to the public. On Monday, November 23, 1936, The Globe and the Mail and Empire merged to form The Globe and Mail. Here is the lead editorial from that day.

Your favorite paper

Journalism, it has been said, passed long ago from the personal to the impersonal. It is not true, at least, of the relationship between a newspaper and its readers, especially paper like The Globe and the Mail and Empire which have served generations for ninety-two and sixty-four years. The news of the forthcoming Globe and Mail was not twelve hours old when letters began pouring in, breathing defiance because something was happening to an old friend, or, in most cases, extending good wishes and offering suggestions.

A circumstance like throws remarkable light on the affection bestowed on the daily visitor which never fails in good weather or bad. In a sense it is strange that the regular arrival of a 2-cent commodity is of so great interest, and that a contemplated change in its appearance or character is a matter of concern. But the old friend is very real. The hundreds of letters, telephone calls and other messages are a fine tribute to the position held by each of these journals in the hearts of the people.

Possibly few persons, comparatively speaking, have paused to consider why they are attached to their favorite paper. It may be politics in many cases. It may be satisfying news services and pictures. Readers may be interested in certain features. They may enjoy the entertainment provided, or the analysis of current events.

But event these combined may fall short of inducing lasting allegiance. These has to be consistent sincerity and honesty to hold a large reader following. And to this, beyond all other characteristics, may be attributed the solidity marking the two great groups of citizens which gathered around The Globe and the Mail and Empire. Both journals have sought to maintain high standards, without neglecting the passing interests of a modern people.

Whether The Globe or the Mail and Empire has been your favorite paper in the past, a similar spirit has been the appealing factor. There have been political differences, but an increasing desire for accurate knowledge and clear thought on political questions is broadening the public outlook. Canadians as a whole do not believe all the faults are on one side and all the virtues on the other.

In the last analysis, the heart of a newspaper is its honest presentation of what interests intelligent readers. For this reason The Globe and Mail believes it will fill the role of favorite in the future.

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