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Britain's Prince William holds his baby son outside St Mary's Hospital before leaving with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. REUTERS/John Stillwell/POOL (BRITAIN - Tags: ROYALS ENTERTAINMENT HEALTH TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)POOL/Reuters

As supporters of the monarchy, we welcome and celebrate the happy and safe arrival of the infant son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The first-born child of Prince William and Kate is third in line for the throne and represents a stable succession in the Royal Family. Barring unforeseen events, the yet-to-be named boy will one day be king of Canada. Our constitutional monarchy is assured of a head of state through this century and beyond.

To those who say the monarchy is an outdated tradition, we say two things. One, the Royal Family has shown that it can evolve. This is not your grandfather's monarchy. The crown no longer passes to the first-born male; it goes to the first-born child of either sex. As well, William and Kate know full well the perils of the modern monarchy. They understand and respect its demands and duties while playing down its privileges.

Two, Canadians who are offended that a child is born into the rank and privilege of the monarchy should remember the extent to which their own lives are defined by where they are born and who their parents are. For many of us, to be born in Canada is a tremendous privilege. Our health-care and education systems, as well as our stable economy and peaceful society, mean that most Canadians live long lives in relative prosperity.

Canada is one of the best countries in the world in which to be born, and it has become so while operating as, and not in spite of being, a constitutional monarchy. The birth of William's and Kate's first child is another opportunity to celebrate our good fortune and stability.