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June 12: Letters to the editor Add to ...

Faux-Limbaugh auditions?

Canadian civilization, according to Friday's Globe and Mail, is about to get: (a) a Fox News-type network ( 'Fox News North' Sets Bait For Reporters); (b) an ultimate fighting championship ( Ultimate Fighters To Do Battle In Vancouver Debut), and (c) $16-billion worth of U.S. jet fighters, on a sole-source contract ( Fighter Deal Swayed By U.S., Documents Reveal).

Why don't we go all out and see if we can also acquire a Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin imitation?

Carman Cumming, Ottawa


It is possible, ironically, that a Fox News-type media outlet in Canada would be a good thing for the centre-left agenda. While this new channel will find its primary audience among the true believers, consider the broader effect of Ezra Levant and his ilk spouting their ideology 24/7. It will be about as pleasant as an oil spill, and from the perspective of the PMO, which anxiously controls every message, it will be as volatile. Sensible people will recoil, and the liberal media - to the extent that it exists in Canada - will pounce on every alarming statement. Therefore, let the dark flower blossom as it may.

Eric Savoy, Montreal


It is challenging enough, without "Fox News North," to teach students to be civil, listen to others, disagree based on substance rather than ideology or personality, and work together to come up with the best solutions to complex problems. Politicians already set a bad example in Parliament for democratic behaviour. We do not need to be further infected by the argument culture that passes for discussion to the South.

John Myers, Toronto

Faux protest - or not

I have a suggestion for protesters of the "let's do a deal" G20 group. Don't. It isn't worth a billion of our tax dollars. Protest by not protesting. With no protests, no costs. We could even send a couple of hundred million to our Acadian cousins in the Gulf for the cleanup that is going to cost about the same as protecting the world's leaders from their constituents.

Clive Doucet, city councillor, Ottawa


Since the Blue Jays games during the G20 weekend have been moved, why not stage the highly anticipated riot at the Rogers Centre? Ticket sales and corporate sponsorships would go a long way toward offsetting security costs. Add a portion of concession sales, broadcast rights and the subsequent worldwide release of the DVD, and you have a major revenue stream. (As always, fans would be cautioned about on-field interference.)

Michael Derblich, Toronto

That great faux outdoors

I wonder if that fake lake will be available as a tourist destination. I can't afford a real Muskoka cottage, but the family sure could use some time in the fake outdoors. With a billion dollars spent on security, I know the area's kid safe. We'd also like to take a side trip to Tony Clement's riding and have lunch under the $100,000 gazebo.

We'd love to take the kids to Toronto on the train so they can see an actual "Canadian corridor" but it's a bit of a ride. With so much money to spend, we're wondering if the Conservatives might consider something we could actually use - like a high-speed rail corridor.

Scott Faulconbridge, Lachine, Que.


Tony Clement's riding is in Huntsville. Surprise, surprise: Huntsville gets the money that leaves behind infrastructure, in other words, the good stuff that comes out of the summit spending.

There are no Conservative ridings in the City of Toronto. Surprise, surprise: Toronto gets a fake lake and huge traffic hassles and disruptions, in other words, the bad stuff that comes out of summit spending ( Toronto Traffic Chaos Looms During G20 Summit - June 11). If they fall in their fake lake, the faux-Tories shouldn't count on finding many of us willing to throw them a fake lifeline. On second thought, that's the only kind I'd throw.

John Rogers, Toronto

Unfair comparison

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