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Conservative party leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre speaks to journalists on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Feb. 16.BLAIR GABLE/Reuters

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Too long

Re Afghan Man Killed While Awaiting Resettlement (May 17): There are times when I am deeply ashamed to be a Canadian.

Wik Van Weel Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Que.

I congratulate The Globe and Mail for keeping the Afghanistan situation in the news, but vulnerable people cannot wait two years to be resettled in Canada, while in hiding and in fear of torture or death.

I urge our government to streamline the immigration and resettlement process so that more lives are not lost while in the waiting line.

Rosemary Carter Ottawa

Money for nothing?

Re Long-term Outlook (Letters, May 18): A letter-writer asks about the death rate of long-term care residents in private homes. I have the answer: 100 per cent. Everyone who goes in alive will eventually come out in a box.

But how is life enjoyed in those last few years? I have parents who lived in retirement homes, and died there. A lot of their days were spent having fun and enjoying the community. But it cost in excess of $7,000 a month. Luckily, they had the money.

Even so, the advertising of staff nurses and doctors was not true for them. There was one nurse – during office hours. There was a doctor available – once a week, when every resident had to accommodate that schedule. If someone had a heath event, an ambulance would be called and it was no longer the home’s problem.

Long-term care seems broken, even in the most expensive homes.

Craig Cherrie Toronto

Talk to me

Re Want Better Election Debates? Have More Of Them, And Cut The Networks Out (Opinion, May 14): I find that debates are terrible platforms, especially for party leadership contests.

Don’t all the members vying for the Conservative leadership share many of the same opinions? Does watching them work so hard to differentiate themselves just create needless divisions inside their own ranks? Doesn’t working so hard to stand out lead to sensible people saying senseless things?

Years ago, our neighbourhood group invited four mayoral candidates to host four individual town-hall-style presentations. Each candidate had 45 minutes to present and then take questions. I felt informed, and it was okay if two candidates espoused similar views.

Instead of playing off each other, candidates can answer to the people in the room, who will elect them and live with their leadership.

Jeff Simpson Toronto

Fortunately, there is a uniquely Canadian (and internationally applauded) format that I would recommend the Leaders’ Debates Commission consider trying: the Munk Debates.

In contrast to those network-run gong shows, the Munk Debates provide a “civil and substantive forum” where ideas should be articulated and defended in ways that leave the audience with insights that can be used to form, and even reform, opinions about our political masters. Rather than shouting out slogans and sound bites, debaters actually use whole sentences to explain and defend their views.

While this won’t appeal to those who prefer something akin to watching Survivor, it could help us better understand what’s at stake in our rapidly eroding democratic processes.

Howard Brunt North Saanich, B.C.

Conservative challenges

Re The Danger That Poilievre’s Corrosive Campaign Poses To Canada (May 18): In the interest of political balance, how about a column entitled: “The danger that Justin Trudeau’s corrosive government poses to Canada.”

Ricardo DiCecca Burlington, Ont.

Is Pierre Poilievre “almost surely the next leader” of the Conservative Party? If so, Justin Trudeau should be gleefully wringing his hands at the likelihood of another Liberal majority.

Most Canadians are progressive people who should despise, as columnist Gary Mason describes, this dangerous and shameful man.

Bruce Hutchison Ottawa

I paid $15 to join the Conservative Party. I confessed this to my disbelieving friends and encouraged them to do the same.

It is unlikely that I will vote Conservative in the next election. I will admit to voting for the party in the past, but it has become a party of ideas that are completely alien to me.

We should have viable alternatives when we check that box. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely we’ll get that choice. I chose to invest a small sum to help determine the next Conservative leader. I expect to be disappointed, but I have to try.

I encourage others to do the same, regardless of political leanings. I believe it is the only way I can directly participate in democracy short of running for office – and no one wants that.

Steve Edmonds Mississauga

Royal history

Re What We Ignore When We Talk About Abolishing The Monarchy (May 17): The Crown in Canada is an integral part of our parliamentary government. As such, it cannot simply be swapped out because of the ebb and flow of the moment. It is not a game show where viewers can pick the most popular contestant.

The esteem in which Queen Elizabeth is held should be without question. The Crown, however, is an institution and not an individual. Concern that Prince Charles cannot compete for public admiration with the Queen seems hardly a fair comparison.

If it were, I suspect Charles knows the answer better than anyone.

Michael Kaczorowski Ottawa

Re Future Reign (Letters, May 18): A letter-writer complains of being under a “royal thumb.” Could she provide a few examples from the past 50 years of exactly how this thumb has oppressed us?

Anita Dermer Toronto

Political pitch

Re Canada’s World Cup Friendly Match Against Iran Is An Insult To The Victims of PS752 (May 17): The game would be an insult to Ukrainians as well.

On March 2, Iran was one of 35 countries that declined to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and abstained from a United Nations General Assembly resolution. It was overwhelmingly adopted by a majority of the world’s nations.

David Honigsberg Toronto

We believe

Re Hockey, The Maple Leafs And Valuable Lessons From Losing (Sports, May 18): “Doesn’t doing nothing sound cool to you? It clearly works with Toronto’s legions of the gullible.” I am part of the “legions of the gullible.”

I and my fellow citizens of Leafs Nation shouldn’t blame this team for our disappointment; we should deeply share theirs. Leafs forever.

Jean Mills Guelph, Ont.

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