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The much-anticipated first Mulroney grandchild came into the world early Tuesday morning. Caroline Mulroney, the eldest child and only Mulroney daughter, and her husband, Andrew Lapham, had a seven-pound, four-ounce boy, Lewis Lapham III. (The baby is the grandson of Lewis Lapham Jr., editor-in-chief of Harper's; the "Lewis" skips a generation. The first Lewis Lapham founded Texaco.)

Caroline and her husband live in New York. Her mother, Mila Mulroney, had been in Manhattan for the past three weeks, apparently convinced the baby would be early; he was two days late.

The proud grandfather, Brian Mulroney, was also in New York over the weekend. He and Caroline went for a long walk in Central Park. "Mila thought that might help," said family friend Senator Marjory LeBreton.

Caroline's brothers, Ben (host of CTV's Canadian Idol), Mark (who works in Manhattan) and Nicolas (who is attending Boston College) were also there to see the baby. "It was a family affair," Ms. LeBreton said, adding that the former prime minister is "so excited" and "just thrilled." Prime Minister Paul Martin called Mr. Mulroney to congratulate him.

Six degrees of Belinda

Belinda Stronach is many things -- a mother, an auto parts executive, an heiress, a failed leadership contender and now a Conservative MP. What you don't know is that Ms. Stronach is also a bit of a matchmaker. If not for her it's entirely possible that Justin Trudeau would never have met Sophie Grégoire and then there would be no engagement, no wedding and no happy ever after.

Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Grégoire met at the Le Bal Mercedes-Benz at the Montreal Grand Prix last year. They were co-hosts of the event.

Ms. Stronach, who was there with Prince Andrew, was the host of a smart after-the-ball party at the city's swank Time Supper Club. She invited Mr. Trudeau and his co-host to come along. They did. The rest is history.

Of first ladiesOn Tuesday, Americans could be introduced to a new first lady, Theresa Heinz Kerry, who is outspoken and sometimes controversial. She is totally different from Laura Bush. Sheila Martin, the Prime Minister's wife, conducts herself like Mrs. Bush, as did Aline Chrétien. Mrs. Martin prefers to remain out of the limelight. Not Mexican President Vicente Fox's wife, Marta Sagahun. Interesting and enthusiastic about her country and her visit to Canada, she sat down for a few minutes with The Globe and Mail this week. She said she is working toward the "empowerment" of women in Mexico. As far as first wives go, she says that she does not like to "be like furniture or an ornament." But she says she has ruled out a run for the presidency when her husband's term is up in 2006. . . . There's always 2012?

Hot and not

Hot: Mr. Martin, his wife Sheila and the staff at 24 Sussex Dr. They hired 12 developmentally handicapped adults who live in Ottawa group residences run by Total Communication Environment, a charitable organization, to put together about 1,500 bags of candy for the witches and ghosts expected to show up at the residence tomorrow night for Halloween. The TCE residents earned about $300, which will go toward recreational or leisure activities.

Not: PMO communications director Scott Reid for criticizing Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams for not accepting the Prime Minister's deal on offshore oil royalties. Mr. Reid said Mr. Williams was making a mistake of "historic proportions."

He apologized. But that's not good enough for the Harper Tories, who want his resignation. They've dug up old quotes from Martin Liberals spouting off about another Liberal communications director, Françoise Ducros, who called U.S. President George W. Bush a "moron." She, too, apologized but eventually had to resign, "as even Liberals were calling for her to step down," says a Tory document provided to their MPs this week. It notes that at the time "Paul Martin said he found it 'hard to believe' that a senior official in the government would say such a thing."

Hot: Frank McKenna. The former New Brunswick premier is the latest to join a long list of senior Liberals to be rumoured to be up for the job of ambassador to the United States.

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