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He brought in … an expert in astrophysics, a music professor and an archeologist. They calculated Pandora's atmospheric density and established a tripartite scale structure for the alien music … a team of writers and editors compiled all this information into a 350-page manual dubbed 'Pandorapedia.' It documents the science and culture of the imaginary planet." - James Cameron's Epic Quest for Avatar (Wired Magazine)

Na'vi The language of the blue-skinned natives of the planet Pandora. They have 3,429 words for what we call "love," 94 for "carbon trading," 542 for "sister-in-law" and none for "pants." There are several dialects based solely on the noises made when clearing one's throat.

"…" The Na'vi people express their emotions in many ways, such as staying motionless for days on end to make a point, touching rocks and then denying it, and thinking of a number between © and ¡ but refusing to reveal what it is. The emotion they call "…" blends the desire to question what something is called and the deliberate omission of one's intention to do so.

Hammerhead Titanothere A huge and frightening six-legged beast that combines the aggressive insouciance of a rhinoceros with the self-conscious facial features of a hammerhead shark. A herbivore that prefers grass and shrubs, the Titanothere is not averse to cheese and is easily snubbed.

Amplified Mobility Platform A heavily armoured bipedal exoskeleton about 13 feet tall. If the soldier operating it is incapacitated in any way, the suit is programmed to automatically "walk" to the nearest General Motors dealership for an oil, lube and filter, if still under warranty.

Scrxbble A board game native to the planet, it is an exact match for Scrabble in every way, except that there are multiple tiles for the letter "X," each of which is worth nine points.

N'y'to'l The cycles of day and night do not regulate the Na'vis' lives as on Earth, largely due to the fact that so many things on Pandora are annoyingly bioluminescent. Without the calming nectar N'y'to'l, no one would ever get any sleep.

Helicoradian Part animal, part plant, A Helicoradian has a single leaf that responds to touch, and can grow up to 25 feet tall. Helicoradians enjoy wood chips, thoughtful gestures and Miracle-Gro® Pour & Feed® Liquid Plant Food.

Hallelujah Mountains Mountainous islands that float in the sky like clouds. Most are zoned "residential," represent an excellent investment and are priced to move.

Unobtanium A highly valuable mineral found on Pandora that can solve Earth's energy crisis, at a cost of $20-million per kilogram. Unobtanium is often found in combination with the minerals Hardlyanium, Condominium and Gymnasium.

Auto-Tune An audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies, it can be used to distort the human voice. First brought to the planet by super-futuristic vaudeville singers hired to perform for Earth soldiers, the technology was adapted by the Pandorans for use in religious and judicial ceremonies, and in Friday-afternoon staff meetings.

Bluu'riyyy A small flying creature with limited language skills but high emotional intelligence and human-like facial expressions, the Bluu'riyyy appears only very briefly in Avatar. It is considered an insignificant part of the Pandoran ecosystem, but will be the subject of an animated short film on the DVD release of the film, along with her siblings, Ancilla'ry and Pr'eque'l.