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When Francois Leclerc started his business in 1905 in Quebec City, his skills and determination – paired with his wife Zelia's family recipe for jelly cookies – won the approval of his first loyal customers. Through the years, the family business has stayed true to the vision of offering delectable, high-quality treats. It also invests in research and innovation to ensure customers have access to healthy and organic options, says Marie-Josée Massicotte, director of communication at Leclerc.

"We realized that consumers who choose to eat organic sometimes make compromises when they buy manufactured goods, especially when it comes to taste," she explains. "That's why we created GoPure, delicious snacks that happen to be organic."

Leclerc's organic products were a logical next step for the company's product development, which takes place in the Leclerc Laboratory of Health and Wellness, says Ms. Massicotte. "All innovation starts in our research and development lab, where everything is researched and tested, based on the latest nutritional findings. It is there that we successfully created trans-fat-free products long before they became popular."

When studies showed clear links between consuming certain types of fats and heart disease in the 2000s, Leclerc supported the development of products with the well-being of the customer in mind. Expanding its offerings with an organic product line made sense because of the tremendous growth of interest in organic products over the past years, says Ms. Massicotte. "More than ever, consumers want to know what they are eating. Certified organic products bring an extra layer of peace of mind for them."

People who are looking for real, unaltered ingredients and are concerned about the environmental impact of food production can find an answer in organic products, she says. "Organic is definitely not a fad. It is here to stay and will strongly influence the future of our food industry, from the field to the shelf to the plate."

Since organic food producers have to comply with the strictest rules and regulations – and are subject unscheduled third-party inspections – customers can really trust products bearing the Canada Organic logo, says Ms. Massicotte.

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