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Ben and Lucy* had been turned down by their bank repeatedly by the time they approached mortgage broker Brandi Pierek. Expecting their second child, they were tired of renting but extremely discouraged.

"I was told no by four lenders, but I ran it by my best underwriter, and we got it figured out. A journeyman welder and apprentice millwright, his income had yet to reach its full potential, but each lender who told me no helped reveal more about what the challenges were and how to overcome them. As a result, we were able to find the right product for them, and they just moved into a detached family home they fell in love with but thought was out of their reach."

Brandi Pierek, AMP, is a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres in Red Deer, Alberta.

*Homebuyer names have been changed to protect privacy.

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