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For those struggling to get a foothold in Canada’s expensive real estate market, home improvements aren’t a luxury - they’re a necessary evil to secure housing that fits their needs. But is doing the work a more affordable option than buying the perfect place? In this episode, we’re looking at how renovations can get you the home you want but otherwise can’t afford. We hear from two 35-year-old guests and their recent renovation experiences. The first, who lives in Victoria, B.C., bought a home but needed to build a rental suite to help pay the mortgage. The second decided to renovate his starter home in Hamilton, Ont. after he and his wife found out they were pregnant - with twins. Plus, Rob speaks with Shir Magen, the CEO of HomeStars about the popularity of renovations, the types of renos that add value to your home and money-saving tips for those considering heading down the reno route.