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On Wednesday, a jury sided with actor, Johnny Depp in his defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The verdict follows a six week-long trial (which aired live on Court TV) that captured the public’s attention. It spawned hashtags with billions of views on TikTok, memes and even a skit on Saturday Night Live.

During the trial, intimate and often ugly allegations about Heard and Depp’s relationship were on full display. That included allegations of abuse – which both accused the other of doing.

While this case became a media spectacle involving two celebrities, it also brought to light the very real issue of intimate partner violence. The Globe’s Robyn Doolittle has reported on sexual violence and gender discrimination since 2015 and she’s also written a book on #MeToo. She is joined by Nicole Bedera, a sociologist who researches sexual violence and how it relates to our society and culture. They discuss the implications of the case and what it means to the broader conversation about #MeToo and the issue of intimate partner violence.