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Today, readers are responding to a column from Campbell Clark on Andrew Scheer’s upcoming effort to give Canadians an idea of what kind of leader he would be.

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer gestures as he jokes during his speech at the annual Press Gallery dinner in Gatineau, Que., on May 4, 2019.Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

Herbert Fraser:

Let's listen to what he has to say. Many see him as the lesser of two evils but the consequences for the country are significant. As we have found out over the past three years public policy is more than image


Scheer has already passed the hardest test. He has his own caucus united. He does not appear to be ego driven which is a positive contrast to our current PM. Other than that he should follow the advice of Jean Chretien. "When behind, say little. When ahead, say nothing." In all good marketing campaigns you are not trying to get everybody to like you. You are trying to get those who do like you, to like you a lot.

"Andrew Scheer remains an undefined entity six months from an election. He’s been called Stephen Harper with a smile, but most of what Canadians have seen of his own, personal brand of politics has come from his criticisms of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. So, over the next five or six weeks, Mr. Scheer will attempt to put some meat on the bones of his political identity in a series of five major policy speeches," Campbell Clark writes.The Globe and Mail


Lord knows I'm no fan of Scheer (nor of Trudeau or Singh, in fact) but I hope we can all resist the temptation to poke holes in Scheer's proposed policies simply for the sake of poking holes. Any policy position will have weaknesses. It is simply impossible to address everything that we may want to see dealt with. That means choosing, regardless of the leader. So instead of simply poking holes, let's assess the policies by the choices they embody.

Mr. Costanza:

Shouldn't he have told us when he became leader of the opposition? Someone who takes two years to prepare a script of who he really is makes you think he's hiding something.


I hope he provides substantive information on his policies. Doug Ford did not and many of the people who voted for him are not happy with what he is doing in education and environmental protections.


I voted Liberal last time but refuse to do so next time. Justin Trudeau has lost my confidence. But if Mr. Scheer wants my vote, he will have to: 1. Prove he is not a closet social conservative with a hidden agenda (Harper cut off foreign aid that funded abortions. No more of that please) 2. Articulate a viable environmental policy as well as a sensible foreign policy and defence strategy and an economic plan that will reduce waste, and corporate welfare and reform taxation to achieve greater simplicity; 3. Provide a vision for this country that is forward looking and practical. I will vote for whatever opposition party that can do that best and prove itself reasonably free of corporate cronyism a la SNC-Lavalin and Bombardier.

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