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Today, readers are discussing a column from Elizabeth Renzetti in which she asks What happened to our ‘feminist’ Prime Minister? in the wake of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s resignation. Readers are also responding to a statement from Justin Trudeau in which he said, “If Scott Brison had not stepped down from cabinet, Jody Wilson-Raybould would still be Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of Canada.”

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Well said, and very accurate. The Prime Minister led PMO will pay dearly at the polls in October 2019, thanks to this hypocrisy, fraud and cover-up.


Being a feminist does not mean special consideration for women, it means equitable treatment for women. Jody Wilson-Raybould is an intelligent and capable woman, who can handle this situation. It would appear she and Prime Minister Trudeau had a difference of opinion, so let the process play out as it would if she were a man.


Isn’t it equally plausible that the former Attorney-General was thrown under the bus simply because she stood her ground on an issue she felt was a substantive one? A male cabinet minister could have suffered the same fate and history supports this. The feminist aspect, while embarrassing for the government, may just be a distraction.


"I’m worried that the idea of a feminist agenda has now become a joke, a tarnished brand, and it’s the women of this country who will pay." If that's the concern, don't make this issue about feminism or racism. It isn't. Wilson-Raybould ran into greed and corruption; it's the same thing ethical people (men, women, children) run into the world over and should be investigated, uncovered and stamped out. Again and again. This won't be the last time, nor the last government, nor the last society this happens under and if it isn't uncovered and punished at every turn this behavior will become the norm and destroy us.


Is anyone really surprised that the emperor has no clothes? Justin Trudeau has exploited feminism as a marketing tool to achieve an end, not because he lives it, believes it or supports it.


Cabinet ministers get shuffled all the time. Such is life in Parliament. Wilson-Raybould being female should not entitle her to a pass when it comes to the job. She serves at the pleasure of the Prime Minister. Thats how it works. If she wasn’t on board with the direction of the government, then she gets gets shown the door. The author of the article is implying that she was turfed because she is female and that Trudeau is some sort of hypocrite. I don’t think either is true. She was turfed because she was not helping the government, she was a road block. That never ends well in any organization. As to Trudeau being a feminist, I have a hard time squaring any man who says he is a feminist. ...The biggest problem that I see is not that a female cabinet minister got shuffled, it’s that this government, the government of Justin Trudeau, does not appear to know what it’s doing. The word “incompetent” comes to mind. As a Canadian, this is what truly concerns me. In all my years, I can’t recall a government that seemed so clueless at every level. Justin is a nice guy and all, but he’s way out of his league.


Don't get me wrong, I am no Trudeau fan, but I thought the whole point of feminism is that women want "equality." Doesn't that mean we want to be treated equally? Or does it mean we want all the opportunities to attain high level positions in business and politics, but special consideration and "gentle" treatment once we get to the top? Why does she deserve different treatment than any other cabinet minister?

Janet Miller 77 in response:

Hudson, we want equal treatment as women we don’t want or need special. The point is that he shuffled her out of parliament when she wouldn’t agree on a remediation agreement and has since started a whisper campaign to discredit her. This should not have happened to a woman or a man.


This is not a feminist issue or an indigenous issue but a political issue. It should not matter whether Jody Wilson-Raybould is a woman or from a First Nations background.

Readers are also responding to Justin Trudeau saying he only removed Jody Wilson-Raybould from her job as Justice Minister and Attorney-General because a surprise departure from cabinet triggered a shuffle.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his comment while visitinh BlackBerry QNX Headquarters in Ottawa on Friday, Feb 15.Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press


Because Ms. Wilson-Raybould was so much more qualified to be Veterans Affairs Minister than Mr. Lametti was and so she had to be replaced as Justice Minister by Mr. Lametti? I don't doubt Mr. Lametti's qualifications to be Justice Minister, but there seem to be a few missing steps in Mr. Trudeau's explanation.

B in Van:

If Scott Brison's departure was the reason, he would have mentioned it much earlier than today. He simply won't let Canadians hear the truth, otherwise he'd waive the solicitor-client privilege that the opposition's been demanding.


Not providing a reason for moving Wilson-Raybould specifically (in the wake of the Treasury Board President resigning) makes the story even less believable than had he said nothing at all and left the situation to on-going speculation. Replacing an experienced former B.C. crown prosecutor with a law professor has nothing to do with filling the Treasury Board post, does it?


Contrary to what the conservatives seem to think - cabinet is set by the Prime Minister, at his discretion. Live with it.


There has been an eye watering amount of incredulity packed into one week of news. I’d like to thank everyone from the Prime Minister, Mr. Anthony Housefather and his Justice Committee, the BMO and Mr. Scott Brison, for making this week so memorable. Next week will have it’s work cut out for it, to match this.

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