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Conservative MP Chris D'Entremont rises during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on June 17, 2021.Justin Tang/The Canadian Press

The deputy Speaker of the House of Commons says he heard unparliamentary language from both opposition and government benches during Wednesday’s debate, but he wasn’t able to hear whether the prime minister swore.

Conservative MPs accused Justin Trudeau of “dropping an F-bomb” during a particularly unruly question period that repeatedly devolved into incoherent shouting from members throughout the chamber.

Opposition House leader John Brassard called for a review of the recordings, later telling reporters that about a dozen of his colleagues on the front benches heard Trudeau hurl an obscenity at them.

Chris d’Entremont reported to the House that he listened to the recordings of question period, but with all the noise in the chamber, he was unable to determine what may have been said.

D’Entremont said none of the unparliamentary remarks he heard should have been made, and called on his colleagues to avoid disrespectful comments and observe the rules of debate and decorum.

He added that if members feel their “blood pressure is a little high, it’s a beautiful day outside,” and he urged them to “go for a walk.”

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