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A new poll shows that despite criticism of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the party would win the most votes if a provincial election were held today.

The survey conducted by Léger found 38 per cent of decided voters said they would vote for the Progressive Conservative Party.

That’s slightly less than the 40.5 per cent that voted Premier Doug Ford into office with a majority government in 2018.

Ontario has been one of the provinces hardest hit by the pandemic. The government has been blamed for failing to protect people in long-term care homes, where the novel coronavirus has killed more than 3,750 residents.

However, when asked about how the Progressive Conservative government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic 63 per cent of the poll’s respondents say the reigning party has done well.

That includes 59 per cent of Liberal party supporters, 45 per cent of NDP voters, and 44 per cent of Green Party supporters.

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