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Cryptic Crossword - Friday, June 11 - Printable


1Exceptionally speechless player (5)
4He has a taste for a bit of embroidery (7)
8Look round the cathedral (3)
9Examine in detail a total failure (5,4)
10It's overlooked by some Moslem women (7)
11Poor Swede regularly pulled out of bed (5)
13Union leader caught in a frock gets imprisonment (6)
15Circumvent with the aid of a permit (6)
18She will show a dress pattern (5)
19Record suppressed by force (3,4)
21Over and over it goes (9)
23A pound could be a good investment (3)
24Is in the way of progress (7)
25Three points go to my opponent (5)


1Tried to change sad eyes (7)
2Walk about certain to be highly esteemed (9)
3Records book (5)
4Sort of snakes that creep furtively? (6)
5Give ground for road construction (4,3)
6Card players play it in the saloon (3)
7Foreign money held by grandson (5)
12Are able to make simple converse (9)
14Hurried to include a song that's turned out (7)
16He is said to exemplify happiness (7)
17Films may be about raising warships (6)
18Mohammedan lawyer in plain clothes (5)
20Let it be put right (5)
22Traveller in cloth? (3)

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