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Cryptic Crossword - Wednesday, September 12 - Printable


1Team result is not the main topic of conversation (4,5)
8Be careful one is told, explosives have been laid (5)
9Detestable fault he corrected (7)
10Accent which may need polishing (6)
11Giving up selecting the best players, we hear (6)
12Refreshing article in a French newspaper (8)
15The loss in fuel is gigantic (8)
18Peers squeal when excited (6)
20Lunge out strongly and overwhelm (6)
21Object after tips turn out to be the salary (7)
22State from which I had returned with love (5)
23Russian fighter and sailor going to another country (9)


2I rave in a bad temper (5)
3Shutter usually closed at night (6)
4Settles cosily with arms up and legs round (8)
5It needs to grow by more development (6)
6Megan is confused by riddles (7)
7The followers stand here when assembled (9)
11Made a timely entrance? (7,2)
13He should be arrested lest more trouble is caused (8)
14Ice and gale expressed in poetic form (7)
16When models that have lost their shape are employed? (6)
17From where one is advised how to recycle paper (6)
19A brief note with direction for making fabric (5)