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Cryptic Crossword - Friday, November 26 - Printable


1Student of optics? (5)
4Musician making a racket (7)
8Bill's partner in dalliance (3)
9A carry-over of marriage ritual (9)
10Sounds like Dad means to be more distant (7)
11Nitre perhaps put into the ground (5)
13Play for fun (6)
15Send back a statistical form (6)
18He takes out capital cover that's not expensive (5)
19Heart so affected sounds can be heard within it (7)
21Check what rustlers do (4,5)
23Sphere in sight (3)
24US politician who could resort to treason (7)
25Perceive the meaning (5)


1Peaceful waters? (7)
2A plan for gaining weight (9)
3It may get a lift when you come in (5)
4Great enthusiasm for two natural products (6)
5It's deep in distress notwithstanding (7)
6A man the French love (3)
7One backing a horse it may be added (5)
12Try to land (5,4)
14Poets I'd incorrectly set down (7)
16Unfit to be an eminent person? (7)
17I'm more upset by a personal account (6)
18Names locations audibly (5)
20Has an inclination for playboys (5)
22Relatives a little less than kind (3)

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