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As design and renovation TV show hosts and real estate experts, Drew and Jonathan Scott have helped countless Canadians find their dream homes, even in the trickiest of situations. “Home buying can be a stressful time, especially in the hot Toronto and Vancouver markets, where homes are moving quickly and often above list price,” says Drew.

Despite the sweat-inducing pace of the market, and the anxiety and stress that can ensue, the Scott brothers believe that home-buying and selling can still be fun—with a little bit of help from Properly, a real estate company that believes home buying should be simple and stress-free. It’s a mission the brothers believe in so much that they’ve invested in the company.

“Properly has flipped the home-buying process in favour of the customer, with features like Sale Assurance, which gives you the opportunity to buy first, move and then focus on selling your old place,” Drew explains. Sale Assurance works by putting your current home’s equity to work. That way, you can purchase first, move into your new home, and then sell your old property.

“That means there’s no worrying about keeping your place spotless for showings every weekend, no lining up closing dates and no double mortgages,” he says.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by househunting, Drew recommends using Properly’s data tools to help along the way. “Properly helps you zero in on the places you love and that fit your criteria, so you can pair reliable data with a knowledgeable realtor to create an unbeatable home-buying team,” he says.

And if you find yourself thinking that your dream home doesn’t exist, Drew suggests re-evaluating your requirements.

“We have helped over 500 families find their dream homes and one thing we know for sure is that no home is perfect from the start, and that’s part of the fun: imagining what you’ll change and improve to make it your own.”

Tackling the renovation of a new home can be daunting, but Jonathan Scott suggests preparing by doing some research in advance.

“If you find a place that you think might need major work, have quotes in hand ahead of time that will allow you to create a realistic budget that includes a contingency,” he says. “Work your way up in price and effort, from the easy—repainting, redecorating—to the big moves, like new floor plans.”

Once you’ve found your new home and are preparing your old house for the market, Jonathan reminds us not to forget about those front porches and back patios. “Indoor-outdoor living is here to stay, so think about giving a little love to the backyard,” he explains. “We typically talk about staging inside the house, but a well-appointed outdoor eating area and play place for families can go a long way toward making the sale.”

If you feel like you’re at your wits’ end with home-buying, Jonathan has some words of wisdom to keep in mind. “Remember what’s important: maybe you’re moving closer to loved ones, or your own family is growing,” Jonathan says. “Maybe you got a great new job. Focus on the why, and let companies like Properly help you with the how.”

Advertising feature produced by Globe Content Studio with Properly. The Globe’s editorial department was not involved.

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