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The lobby of The Davisville makes a big first impression.THE ROCKPORT GROUP

Sleek kitchens

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Larger, sleeker kitchens are trending, with many featuring double islands or dual spaces – a chef’s kitchen for preparing food and a kitchen for family dining. Large walk-in pantries with plenty of storage are popular. “Kitchens will be more functional and have new technology integrated into the design, including touchless and interactive appliances, as well as digital robot assistants who respond to commands,” says Tania Richardson, chief executive officer and co-founder of Tomas Pearce Interior Design. “They will have spaces for stowing away large appliances like mixers and blenders, while other appliances, like coffee machines, will be built into the design for a sleeker and cleaner finish.”

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Elegant bathrooms

With the home increasingly becoming a sanctuary because of the pandemic, luxury homes are incorporating bathrooms that allow people to shake off the day’s stresses and recharge. Bathrooms are evolving into spaces that are large and well-designed, providing a spa-like feel for luxury homeowners, says Jude Kamal, an interior designer with Sansa Interiors in Toronto.

“Luxury interior design for bathrooms consists of high-level finishes, earthy stones, elegant fixtures and layered lighting, large showers, with multishower head types and soaker tubs.” Expect to see larger vanities that allow plenty of room to get ready as well as steam rooms or saunas within the bathroom.

Divided spaces

In the recent past, a common theme was open spaces. According to designers, that’s another thing that’s changing quite quickly, in part because the pandemic has turned the home into a multifunctional space, where different members of the household need to work, learn, play and recharge, sometimes all at the same time. A floor plan that allows for dedicated spaces and privacy meets those new needs. A closed floor plan can be created by adding walls to create more actual rooms or through the use of dividers that provide more nooks and give a cozier feel. A wine wall can divide a dining room from a living room, or a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf can serve as a wall between spaces, says Dawn Chapnick of Dawn Chapnick Designs.

Surprise elements

Design should never be staid or boring, and your space should reflect your unique tastes and personality. A strong trend for 2022 is, while we are seeing a lot of harmony in spaces, “there are unexpected surprises mixed in, like a raw sculpture in a corner standing seven feet away from a classic Steinway piano and Murano crystal chandelier, by a fabulous mural wallpaper in a muted tone,” says designer Dawn Chapnick.

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Wellness spaces

Spaces dedicated to wellness and self care, such as yoga and meditation rooms, are being introduced into home design. Expect to see chromatic lighting and sound therapy as well, says Jane Lockhart, principal designer with Jane Lockhart Interior Design. “Also on-trend this year is the secondary, fully winterized cabana for year-round entertaining, complete with a full-sized hot tub adjacent to it and heated pathways.”

Grand home offices

The home office that became a necessity from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay and, when luxury buyers take those few steps in the morning to their new work-from-home rooms, they are looking for functional and inspirational spaces.

“We are seeing home offices that are larger than what we have been designing in the past. Most of our clients are working from home and want a home setup that allows them to go on calls, work, meet and have the privacy needed from their home office. The home offices we are designing are no longer just a desk and a chair, but are really ergonomic and are made comfortable for long durations,” says Jude Kamal, an interior designer with Sansa Interiors in Toronto.

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Materials get raw

After so much time in lockdown, we are increasingly seeking out nature and want to bring elements of it indoors. Expect to see natural stones and raw pieces, such as terracotta, marbles, cement and travertine, on walls, backsplashes and decor items.

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Nature hues abound

Colours that occur in nature are also helping to create a sense of serenity and warmth. Rich browns, neutrals, cognacs, greens and burnt umber can help ground a space and make it feel more cozy.

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Wallpaper adds soul

Wallpaper is back in a big way. Soulful spaces with “just the right amount of drama” can be created through the use of large, uniquely patterned wallpaper on an accent wall or even on the ceiling, says designer Dawn Chapnick.

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Curvy jewels to sit on

Furniture with curved lines and deep seating feels like a hug. “We want to feel safe and loved and cozy after what we have all been through,” says designer Dawn Chapnick. “Adding jewel tone colours … gives a more bold look.”

Art is minimalist

Line art, influenced by such artists as Henri Matisse, and neutral, abstract canvases reflect a more minimalist mindset, which is also being seen in vases, side tables and simple light fixtures, says Tania Richardson of Tomas Pearce Interior Design.

Sustainable décor

Sustainable practices are increasingly in demand as concerns about climate change grow. We are seeing more eco-friendly manufacturing and repurposed materials, such as recycled tiles.

Modern/vintage mix

Mixing styles is a hot trend right now, such as the marriage of modern elements with vintage pieces, especially those inspired by and collected during a homeowner’s travels.

Decorative millwork

Decorative millwork and cabinetry is being rediscovered. Look for cabinets and trim in bold colours, vertical lines, and textured doors using fabric, wallpapers or carved wood.

A current trend that I am noticing in the luxury real estate market is that there has been more of an emphasis placed on the home itself. While this may be different to each and every person, I do feel as though the functionality and space of a unit, whether it be a condominium or a house, has become even more of a focus for all individuals purchasing luxury real estate. I do expect this to be a consistent trend that will carry through all real estate purchases for the foreseeable future, not just solely into 2022. After what the world experienced over the pandemic, it seems as though the focus on real estate transactions has shifted to looking at the purchase as a whole and everything it has to offer. Specifically in the luxury condominium market, aspects such as amenities, services, proximity to services, and the overall experience as soon as you walk into the lobby, have become a huge factor into luxury purchases.

Jordan DeBrincat, Vice-president, Altree Developments

Custom home gyms

The home gym is becoming fully customized, with the latest in equipment, hydrotherapy and designated stretching areas, says interior designer Jude Kamal.

Statement lighting

Lighting is an essential part of home decor that reflects an owner’s personality and style. Decorative vintage pieces will be especially popular in 2022 and beyond.

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