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done deal

This home at 3196 River Rd. in Osgoode, Ont., is a very different concept for the area.

3196 River Rd., Osgoode, Ont.

Listing price: $1,195,000

Selling price: $1,165,000

Previous selling price: N/A

Days on market: 213

Taxes: $4,303

Listing agent: Chris Lacharity, Marilyn Wilson Dream Properties Inc.

The agent’s take

The home was finished in 2015 as the previous owners' dream home.

When Chris Lacharity listed the home, he wasn’t sure about the level of interest because it was so unique; however, he recalls the interest turned out to be “above average.”

The home, about 35 minutes from Ottawa’s downtown, was a very different concept for the area.

“It wasn’t a question of noisiness. Everyone who saw it I could tell was actually considering it,” he says of the home, finished in 2015 as a dream home to the previous owners (there is a sign out front that says, “Dare 2 Dream”).

Mr. Lacharity says the modernization of homes in the suburban area south of Ottawa is definitely a growing trend, but he cautiously says it’s one of those things "you either like or you don’t.”

“More people are moving towards a modern design, more so for its simplicity,” he says. “There is a Zen about it. You don’t have to pack it full of furniture. There are lots of windows and lots of light. The decor becomes the furnishing.”

What they got

The home features tiled floors and granite countertops with high-end finishings and appliances.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom custom build home sits on nearly 8.5 acres on the waterfront of the Rideau River, just outside the town of Osgoode. It features tiled floors and granite countertops with high-end finishings and appliances. A recently paved driveway leads to a pass-through that’s steps from a workshop over the garage, connected to the house through a gym.

There’s a private trail through the trees to a dock on the Rideau River, plus a splash pool and little waterfall.

“It’s just not what you expect when you pull into the driveway, with a very modern look,” Mr. Lacharity says. “Inside, you can walk in there and keep your shoes on because it’s all tile. It’s not a delicate house but it’s just so warm and inviting.”

The action

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom custom-built home sits on nearly 8.5 acres on the waterfront of the Rideau River.

The buyers were a recently married Ottawa couple who couldn’t find what they wanted in nearby Manotick. Something on the water for a decent price, Mr. Lacharity says, is rare, especially new.

One of the buyers had multiple children from a previous marriage and had a house further down the river, but there wasn’t enough space. This home, Mr. Lacharity says, where the kids can have their own rec room and bedrooms, was “perfect.”

Although the home sold just under asking, Mr. Lacharity says the sellers were very happy.

“It was one of these rare occasions where both the buyer and the seller were a joy to deal with and quite realistic and very respectful for one another,” he says. The buyers knew the sellers, since they lived just up the river.

“I don’t even think they did a building inspection. It was just very fair. They thought the pricing was fair. What you got was fair. The seller was the same way. It was just a very respectful exchange.”