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Those living in Canada’s six largest cities can enter the first three digits of their postal code to look up recent home prices and trends for their local area.Mark Blinch/Reuters

The Globe and Mail has launched a new online Real Estate hub and House Price Data Centre to reflect the growing interest Canadian homeowners have in following a rapidly changing housing market that continues to surprise with vertigo-inducing new peaks in Toronto and Vancouver and slumping prices in Alberta.

The new hub features The Globe's award-winning coverage of housing trends, mortgages, local market news and recent deals, plus housing worksheets and calculators. It links to a library of videos, featuring tours of opulent recently-sold properties, interviews and tips for buyers and sellers.

Also launching is a new House Price Data Centre – powered by an exclusive partnership with Teranet and National Bank – that allows homeowners to track national and city-level home prices for Canada's 11 largest cities. Those living in Canada's six largest cities can also enter the first three digits of their postal code to look up recent home prices and trends for their local area. "We know that real estate is something of a national obsession, which is why we have launched this hub," The Globe's editor-in-chief, David Walmsley, said. "Whether you are in the market for a new home or simply want to have the most up-to-date details about your current neighbourhood, the information contained in this hub is an unparalleled resource to help you stay ahead and make the right investments."

The House Price Data Centre uses industry standard data derived from land registries across the country, making it one of the most complete and accurate online tools of its kind. Featuring analysis, interactive graphs and clickable maps, it is the only national consumer source for regularly updated house-price data at the neighbourhood level in Canada.

"We are excited to partner with The Globe and Mail and look forward to providing customers, consumers and industry professionals with detailed coverage of the latest housing market trends," said Drew Doherty, director of marketing and product development at Teranet. "With access to this collection of real estate data and research, we hope to further inform and educate consumers about the changing dynamics of the Canadian housing market."