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Effort to move mock-Tudor homes called off

Another little piece of old Vancouver will soon vanish when two Kerrisdale houses, nicknamed The Dorothies (after past owners) both on the Heritage Registry, are demolished to make way for new, bigger houses. The developer/owner has tried to move the homes but that effort has now been called off due to excessive cost and technical difficulty.Tracey Ayton

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Inside one of the homes at 2827 and 2837 West 43rd Ave. Buildings on the Heritage Register qualify for incentives to encourage conservation, but they aren’t protected from demolition. With limited options, city staff asked that the owner consider infill or second principle dwelling development, at the inquiry stage.Tracey Ayton

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The Arbutus Ridge, Kerrisdale, Shaughnessy (ARKS) Vision Implementation Committee has appealed to the city to reject current development applications.Tracey Ayton

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Professional home movers Ben and Jen Ford attempted to relocate the houses to Vancouver Island. The owner was amenable to helping them move the homes, but estimates of the cost, delay and technical difficulty involved in the move eventually convinced them the project was not feasible.Tracey Ayton

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There were an estimated 611 houses demolished in Vancouver as of August of this year.Tracey Ayton

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