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A scale model of developer Sam Mizrahi's latest project, a 12-storey luxury building at 1451 Wellington St. W. in Ottawa.Mizrahi Developments

Toronto developer Sam Mizrahi, who is currently building The One at Yonge and Bloor – at 85 storeys it is slated to become the tallest skyscraper in Canada when completed – has announced plans to build Ottawa's "most luxurious" condominium.

The 12-storey luxury condo at 1451 Wellington St. W., is in the capital's booming Westboro neighbourhood and sales are off to a "very strong start" since presales began in 2017, according to Mr. Mizrahi.

This kind of ultraluxury development is a first for Ottawa, but Mr. Mizrahi – whose wife was born and raised in the capital – felt the niche market wanted this kind of building but there just wasn't anything available.

"On a lot of the trips there I saw it and thought there was a good opportunity to do a high-end luxury building that would have significant landmark architectural status to it and would represent the capital of Canada similarly to the other significant buildings in Ottawa," he said.

The building is set for completion in 2021.

Ottawa's city council shot down an earlier proposal for the site in 2014, but the Ontario Municipal Board eventually approved it after a debate about the building's height.

"The whole neighbourhood is transforming. The neighbourhood is absolutely right for this," Mr. Mizrahi said. "I'm hoping this will inspire more development of these kind of high-end buildings in Ottawa because there is definitely a market for them."

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