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Interest rates falling on a house.Robert Paternoster/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Thanks to intense competition between lenders, a 10-year mortgage is now available for under 4 per cent. It certainly makes it tempting to dive into the real estate market, writes Rob Carrick in today's Globe Investor section.

In the article, veteran mortgage broker Vince Gaetano of is quoted as saying, "This is a fantastic opportunity for somebody to lock in and have peace of mind for 10 years without worrying about a renewal."

Of course, household debt is at record highs in Canada, so consumers must tread carefully when borrowing for a home.

Mr. Gaetano joined The Globe and Mail for a live discussion about mortgage rates, where they are heading and what home owners should consider when making decisions about borrowing.

If you have a question that did not get answered, you can reach Mr. Gaetano at

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