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The Weir Team

1012 Woodbine Ave., Toronto

Asking price: $989,000 (October, 2021)

Previous asking price: $1,149,000 (mid-September, 2021); $999,000 (early September, 2021)

Selling price: $1,085,000 (October, 2021)

Previous selling price: $765,000 (July, 2016); $230,000 (April, 2002); $148,000 (May, 1992)

Taxes: $3,141 (2021)

Days on the market: Eight

Listing agent: Scott Hanton, The Weir Team

The action

The house has a kitchen between a rear den and open living and dining areas.The Weir Team

This semi-detached house does not have private parking, only access to a mutual driveway, but it has a potential rental unit and is 30 metres from Woodbine subway station. The proximity to transit helped find a buyer the last time it sold five years ago, but finding a likeminded purchaser was difficult this fall, agent Scott Hanton said.

“We’d just come off a hot August market, so the first week of September we thought it was going to be hot with buyers and it turned out not to be that busy,” Mr. Hanton said.

“A lot of buyers were getting picky and passing over this house mainly because it had no parking and it was on a busy street, even though it’s nearly right next to the subway.”

It took one month and some tinkering with the asking price – from $999,000 to $1,149,000, and then $989,000 – before a buyer agreed on a $1.085-million deal.

“There were some very similar homes on a quieter street in from the Danforth and Woodbine, so those got all the attention,” Mr. Hanton said. “Whereas this one offered great potential, especially for a landlord who’d want to rent it out as two units. Or for first-time buyers who can’t afford $1.1-million for a house, to have another source of income from within the house contributing to your mortgage is attractive.”

What they got

The lower level has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.The Weir Team

This house was built more than 100 years ago on an 18-foot-by-100-foot lot. It has roughly 1,700 square feet of living space, including three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen between a rear den and open living and dining areas.

The lower level has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

The agent’s take

The house was built over 100 years ago on an 18-by 100-foot lot and has roughly 1,700 square feet of living space.The Weir Team

“A lot of houses around Danforth and Woodbine have their staircase in the centre of the house, which makes it impossible to make a separate entrance to the basement,” Mr. Hanton said.

“However, this house has its own separate entrance to a self-contained unit.”

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