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Toronto’s historic Parkdale has seen successive waves of newcomers since the area near Lake Ontario was established as a village in 1879, then annexed by the larger city in 1889.

During the 20th century, grand mansions and worker's cottages stood side-by-side in Parkdale.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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A spectacular fireplace, with ornate mantle, will keep one warm during the cold Toronto nights.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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Ms. Roy loves to cook, so the kitchen is a focal point.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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The main seating area is festooned with original stained glass windows.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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Original brick still adorns the adjoining wall.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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The dining area has plenty of space to entertain.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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The third floor bathroom is the primary suite and walks out to a private roof deck.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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The upstairs bedrooms are light and airy.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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The small room, which can double as a small office, overlooks the street.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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A small office allows one to escape the din from the madding crowd.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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Skylights add a touch of natural light in the upper floors.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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The Parkdale home has three bedrooms.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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Trim around the doorways add pop to the family room.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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Stained glass accents add flourish to study spaces.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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The family areas are great for entertaining.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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A rooftop patio is a great escape during balmier temperatures.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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The backyard is a cosy retreat for the avid gardener.Michael Peart/Michael Peart

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