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Architectural photographer Amanda Large has been documenting modernist houses of worship.

Santa Maria Goretti Parish was built in 1969.Amanda Large

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Our Lady of Fatima shrine was constructed in 1960 in East York.Amanda Large

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Donway Covenant United Church was built in 1956 in Toronto's Don Mills neighbourhood.Amanda Large

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St. Pius X, in Toronto's Bloor West Village, was built in 1954.Amanda Large

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Saint Monica's Catholic Church was built in 1959.Amanda Large

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Church of St. Andrew Anglican was built between 1958 and 1961 in Toronto's Maryvale community.Amanda Large

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Church of our Saviour was constructed in 1962 in the Parkwoods neighbourhood.Amanda Large

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Yorkville's Central Christadelphian Church was erected in 1950.Amanda Large

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Bedford Park's St. Ansgar Lutheran Church was built in 1960.Amanda Large

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