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1964: Hockey legend Tim Horton opens his first coffee and doughnut store in Hamilton, Ont. Only two varieties of doughnuts are served - Dutchies and apple fritters.

1967: Tim Hortons now has three stores. Former Hamilton police officer Ron Joyce becomes a full partner.

1974: Tim Horton, who played 17 seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, dies in a car accident.

1975: Mr. Joyce buys out Mr. Horton's widow and becomes sole owner of the chain, which now has 40 stores.

1976: Timbits are introduced.

1983: Canada's first non-smoking Tim Hortons opens in Hamilton.

1985: Soup and chili are added to the menu.

1987: Tim Hortons opens its 300th store, in Calgary.

1991: Store 500 opens in Aylmer, Que.

1993: Sandwiches are introduced.

1995: Tim Hortons is acquired by Wendy's International Inc., hastening its expansion into the United States.

1996: Bagels are added to the mix.

2000: Tim Hortons opens its 2000th store, in Toronto.

2004: The Canadian Oxford dictionary is amended to include the phrase "double double" - the way two-cream, two-sugar coffee is ordered at Tim Hortons.

2006: Tim Hortons completes an initial public offering in March and is fully spun off as a separate company in September. The 3000th store opens in Orchard Park, New York.

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