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the week’s highlights

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Here are our editors' picks of some of the best reads available to Globe Unlimited subscribers this week.

Fare game

Since its launch, Uber has gone from strength to strength, and the ride-for-hire service is now available in scores of cities and more than 50 countries, despite the protest of taxi drivers who claim it is undermining its business. The company has received flak from other directions for its unregulated service, and this past week, one of its executives drew international attention (and condemnation) for an off-the-cuff remarks suggesting critical journalists be targeted for smear campaigns. But despite these headaches, Uber's greatest weakness may lie with a different problem, explains Ian McGugan in ROB Insight.

Europe's tax flap

The U.S. drive to issue tax bills for income earned abroad by Americans has not gone unnoticed in the European Union. But over there, the issue isn't about citizens paying up in their home countries, it's about corporations avoiding paying tax anywhere. Incorporating in lower-tax jurisdictions such as Ireland has long been a favourite ploy, but now it's a tiny country on the continent causing an uproar. In ROB Insight, Carl Mortished looks at the tax flap and the mechanisms countries use to dodge paying their fair share.

Canadian banks win thumbs-up

Four of Canada's banks have earned top marks for domestic investment banking performance. A survey of 255 major Canadian companies looked at who they turned to mergers and acquisition advice, raising funds in debt or equity markets, and cash-management services. In Streetwise, Niall McGee looks at the one area where U.S. banks are gaining traction and posing a threat to the Canadian financial institutions.

Let's make a deal

Tumbling oil prices have hammered some energy stocks and prompted many players in the oil patch to reassess their spending plans for 2015. But for a select group, the scenario looks much rosier, as attractive assets priced to sell come on the market. In Streetwise, Jeffrey Jones looks at the small-to-mid-cap companies likely to benefit.

Bad news, good news

Dark clouds seem to be hovering over just about everybody, as data from the biggest economies reveal countries losing ground or, at best, make lacklustre advances. You'd suspect such fears would be reflected in the performance of stocks, but indexes keep advancing. In Inside the Market, David Berman examines what it all means and the adjustments investors may want to make in their portfolios.


For the first time in years, economists expect the U.S. economy to outperform the global average. U.S. multinationals which do most of their business in America have done better in the past 12 months because of both the strength of the stronger economy at home and of the greenback, which has rallied against other currencies. In Inside the Market, Scott Barlow examines the trend and looks at the best strategy for taking advantage.