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U.S. President Barack Obama holds up his BlackBerry device after he returned inside the White House to retrieve it, after boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, November 21, 2014. Obama is flying to Las Vegas and is expected to return on Sunday.Larry Downing

White House reporters today spotted Obama walk back off the Marine One helicopter shortly after boarding and return to the official residence. When he came back, he told them he'd forgotten his BlackBerry, according to a tweet from a reporter for the New York Times, as well as other news reports.

"Didn't you guys ever forget something?" Obama said to reporters.

Obama has been a holdout among BlackBerry users, as the company has largely abandoned the consumer market and focused on business and government customers. The Canadian company has touted its reputation for security as a key selling point.

In March, then-spokesman Jay Carney said the White House was sticking with BlackBerrys and not participating in a pilot program with phones running Google Inc.'s Android software.

Other heads of state that have been spotted recently sporting the keyboard-equipped smartphone include David Cameron and Angela Merkel.