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‘I was pretty excited to do the video essays because writing isn’t necessarily my favourite thing to do,’ says Gabriello Presenza-Pitman, an MBA student at Queen's University in Kingston.Lars Hagberg

With more business schools looking for ways to get to know applicants through video interviews, here are tips for appearing at your best, according to Shai Dubey at Queen's School of Business and Niki da Silva of the Rotman School of Management.

- Pick a time when you're relaxed. Don't try to fit this in at lunch or in the middle of five or six other things, because you can do the interview at any time.

- Look at the camera. That's very important when you're speaking because the eye contact is there.

- Listen to the question. There's no right or wrong answer, just logically think your way through this.

- Smile. Again it's about first impressions, so smile.

- When you set up your camera, make sure there is no clutter behind you. Things like posters probably are better left unseen.

- Dress like it's an interview. Be professional, this is a first impression.

- Practise, practise, practise. The whole reason for the on-demand process is it's on demand; you don't get to do 25 takes and submit the best one.

- Try to have fun with it. Candidates who enjoy talking appear comfortable in their own skin, which is really what schools are looking for.

- Use your time wisely. There is typically a minute and a half available for answers, but most people's responses are perfect after a minute. Don't fill time for the sake of filling time.

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