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Financial services remain the most lucrative sector for today’s MBA grads.Jennifer Roberts/The Globe and Mail

Entry-level salaries for MBA graduates vary widely by industry and even within sectors. Using data collected from Rotman School of Management (Class of 2012), Ivey Business School (2013); Schulich School of Business (2013) and Sauder School of Business (2013), here are some illustrative examples:

Median base salary: $85,000 (Rotman, Ivey)

Base salary range: $45,120-$170,000 (Rotman); $50,000-$150,000 (Ivey); $45,000-$180,000 (Schulich)

Signing bonus range: $1,000-$45,000 (Rotman, reported by 43 per cent of employed students); $1,000-$20,000 (Ivey, reported by 41 per cent of employed students)

Signing bonus average: $8,617 (Schulich, reported by 25 per cent of students); $6,000 (Sauder).

Base salary range by sector:

Financial services (overall): $45,120-$140,000 (Rotman)

Finance, corporate banking: $75,000-$130,000 (Ivey)

Finance, risk management: $72,000-$98,000 (Schulich)

Consulting: $62,400-$150,000 (Ivey)

Technology: $66,560-$90,000(Rotman)

Health care/pharmaceutical: $65,000-$105,000 (Ivey)

Consumer goods/retail: $52,000-$115,000 (Rotman)

Real estate: $60,000-$98,300 (Schulich)

Not for profit: $45,000-$85,000

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