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green find job enter button (Artur Marciniec/Getty Images/iStockphoto)
green find job enter button (Artur Marciniec/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Keep a squeaky-clean online reputation Add to ...

Reprinted, with permission of the publisher, from The Panic Free Job Search © 2012 Paul Hill.

Published by Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. 800-227-3371. All rights reserved.

Take notice of this critically important development that affects your privacy. In June 2011, the Federal Trade Commission in the United States gave its blessing to Social Intelligence Corporation to scour social media and Internet sites to dig up dirt on employees and job applicants.

The trend is now for employers to do background checks by checking out your Internet footprint as well as your Internet crumbs. I call “crumbs” the little stuff – things you don’t even know you left behind, such as a link between the different user names you use, or the information about your attendance at a professional conference, or the fact that you coach Little League baseball. Most sites share user name information and behavior – not actual identity – however, Social Intelligence can join the dots, identify you as the owner of the different user names, and feed it up on a platter to your potential or future employer.

Establishing your “digital cred” or ProfessionaliBrand has never been more important. Equally important is protecting your privacy in the new Web 3.0 world because employers are spying on you!

Social media and recruiting are matches made in heaven when one considers that networking is the best tool for finding work. Capitalizing on social media is becoming the recruiting method of choice for employers. The professionals that get it will have a distinct advantage over those that are still lying in the shadows with respect to creating or encouraging positive social signals about their value as potential employees. As technology is now being developed to help employers in harvesting and managing all the information about you on the Web and also tracking you (Web 3.0), as well as the social signals about potential employees, ProfessionaliBranding is critical for all professionals if they want to get noticed, get pursued, and guarantee their employment now and for years to come. New services and consultants specializing in and having the ability to capitalize on social media are popping up to help put order and manageability into Recruiting 3.0. Recruiting 3.0 is a new phenomenon precipitated by advances in technology as well as the war for talent being conducted globally. Web 2.0 was all about relationships; Recruiting 3.0 through Web 3.0 is all about how employers and others (background check firms) are tracking what you consider to be your private information trail, which is really not so private. Your trail influences your reputation and the signals you leave are being exploited for data gathering by employers. Scary, I must admit.

Globalization is forcing companies to be more aggressive in recruiting the best talent, wherever it may be in the world, and technology gives companies great recruiting breadth as well as the ability to tap into that talent and its productivity without having to relocate professionals. Case in point: Many of my service providers for my businesses work in foreign countries and deliver excellent work for me and our team. I found them through filtering social media data.

Recruiting 3.0 is about the best companies using the best recruiting practices to secure the best talent by analyzing the social signals about everything about you, including what you love, what you hate, where you shop, what sites you visit, what you say, and what others say about you. You need to realize that in the new Web 3.0 world you are being “tagged” everywhere you go, offline and online, and systems have been setup to select from the collective noise, by crunching all the data, the best potential employees from anywhere in the world to actively pursue. By being able to tap into a global pool and select the best employees with the best match in competencies, Recruiting 3.0–enlightened companies are maintaining their strategic advantage over their competitors. Recruiting is no longer limited to going after professionals who signal their interest in new employment, but rather, in theory every professional that has a footprint on the Internet is fair game. The noise these employers must filter through is all the information about all the potential employees, be they actively looking or not, throughout the world. Search and the analysis and management of this data are key to the success of any recruiting strategy, but also the filtering, capture, and analysis of social signals/data are key best practices in recruiting today.

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