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Even bosses need feedback Add to ...

Without taking some deliberate steps to get honest feedback, senior managers risk languishing in an echo chamber, surrounded by yes-men and sycophants, says Harvard Business Review.

The higher up in the organization you get, the less likely you are to receive constructive feedback on your ideas, performance, or strategy. But you need input from others to get better. Here’s how to get it:

1. Ask constantly.

Don’t just ask at review time, or assume your team members will be upfront.

2. Remove liability.

If you think people won’t open up, start by gathering feedback anonymously from – various employees and other executives through a 360 degree process, for example – to show them you’re receptive.

3. Act on it.

If someone is brave enough to give you input, recognize it. Show everyone that you receive criticism well and can change your behaviour as a result.

Today’s management tip was adapted from “How to Get Feedback When You’re the Boss” by Amy Gallo.

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