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maternity leave

You have rights when you’re pregnant and working.Catherine Yeulet/Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you are going on maternity or paternity leave there are certain details you need to know. This is a resource companion to our video series on maternity and paternity leave legal questions with Globe Careers employment lawyer Daniel Lublin, a partner with Whitten & Lublin.

Here are the links to the major information you need to know about maternity and paternity leave, and where to go if you feel you're being discriminated against by your employer over your pregnancy, maternity or paternity leave.

Federal Government

Service Canada knows people have lots of questions about maternity and paternity leave. The site details when you're eligible for maternity leave benefits, how to apply, gives links to forms, and how to figure out how much you'll earn while on leave. The government also has a site to help you deal with the bureaucracy once your baby is born.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has a chart that compares maternity leaves across Canada.

There is also information about the Canada Labour Code relating to maternity leave. The Treasury Board also has information on its site.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has an online guide for employers regarding pregnancy, human rights and the workplace.


This link has information from the Alberta Human Rights Commission regarding pregnancy and maternity leave.

The province's Human Services department outlines its rules here. It also details other programs in the province for those who will soon become a parent. And here is a booklet about becoming a parent in the province.

The province's Employment Standards department outlines maternity and paternity leave regulations here.

British Columbia

The B.C. government has a guideline manual that sets out employment standards and regulations. Here is the act itself, relating to pregnancy leave.

This page sets out Human Rights regulations for B.C. residents. The B.C. Human Rights Coalition has a list of human rights resources across the country here.


The government's fact sheet about maternity leave is a good resource. Here is the province's employment standards code.

Manitoba's Human Rights Commission has a list of guidelines for parents and pregnant women.

New Brunswick

The provincial government has a quick list of rules that employers must follow regarding pregnant women.

The province's Human Rights Commission has a guideline online to help people understand their rights.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The rules for maternity leave in the province are outlined in this guide.

The province's Human Right Commission has listed guidelines for the accommodation of pregnancy in the workplace.

Nova Scotia

The province's labour department outlines how maternity leave works here. Details about its Human Rights Act can be found here.


Nunavut's Human Rights Tribunal outlines its regulations regarding maternity leave here. The government outlines other regulations in this document.


The province's Ministry of Labour has a guide to pregnancy and parental leave, and a summary as well.

The Ontario Human Right Commission has resources online about being pregnant, breastfeeding and your rights at work.

Prince Edward Island

The province has a guide to its regulations and its Employment Standards Act. PEI's Human Rights Commission also lists your rights when you're pregnant.


The province's Commission des normes du travail has a section online devoted to maternity leave.


The province's human rights commission has an online booklet about Pregnancy, Parenting and the Workplace. The provincial government has a guide to its labour standards and a quick helpful chart.


The Yukon government is updating its Employment Standards website but has an FAQ about its employment standards and it also has a guide to its Human Rights.

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