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tip of the day

Marcin Balcerzak

Next time you are stuck in an endless meandering meeting, don't just sit there and suffer in silence – take action, says Harvard Business Review.

We've all been stuck in long meetings that bounce aimlessly from one topic to the next. Instead of rolling your eyes, take control. Be brave enough to propose a solution:

1. Play dumb.

Ask someone in the room – preferably the strongest communicator – to help you understand what problem you're trying to solve and what needs to happen to resolve it.

2. Identify the decision-maker.

Sometimes meetings stall because no one knows who is responsible for the decision. Ask who that is and inquire whether he's ready to decide.

3. Get the right people in the room.

Are there absentees who need to be there? Suggest rescheduling for a time when all the stakeholders can be present.

Today's management tip was adapted from the book, Guide to Making Every Meeting Matter.