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New numbers from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and development show that in Canada, the number of people out of work for at least a year almost doubled from the end of 2007 to the end of last year.

Long-term unemployment presents a Catch-22 for some workers: The longer they're out of the workforce, the more out of date their skills become and the longer it takes to get back in, causing many to simply stop looking. (Read more about these findings in:

How can you break back into the workforce after a prolonged period of unemployment? What makes a résumé stand out? Leadership, retirement and career expert Eileen Chadnick took reader questions in a live discussion. Thank you for your questions.

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Eileen Chadnick is principal of Big Cheese Coaching. A certified coach and accredited business communicator, Eileen works with leaders of varying levels and helps individuals, groups and organizations develop more emotionally intelligent leadership. She focuses on mandates related to: leadership development, employee engagement, corporate culture, communications, career management and work-life engagement. Her services encompass coaching, consulting, workshops, communications counsel - and more. Recently, Eileen expanded her offering and has added a retirement coaching practice called "UnretiredLife" to her offerings, helping boomers prepare for their next life stage and create their own version of retirement.

Eileen is an Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC). She is also credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as certified by MHS to provide emotional intelligence assessments (both individually and on a 360 basis). Eileen is also certified as a Retirement Options Coach.

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