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Learn to push the right buttons in your elevator pitch

The "elevator pitch," in which you sell yourself in the time of an elevator ride, has to be even faster in this age of high-speed elevators and Twitter-sized attention spans, says Harvard Business Review.

"The average length of an elevator ride in New York City is 118 seconds. If you use that as a guide, it means you've got less than two minutes to deliver a winning elevator pitch for your amazing new idea – wherever you are.

Start by grabbing your prospect's attention in the first few seconds. Convey who you are and describe what your business offers. Focus on what's in it for the person you're pitching.

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Be sure to describe exactly what separates you from everyone else that sells the same product or service. If you hook her in, you might get to continue the discussion when you arrive at her floor."

Today's management tip was adapted from Why You Need a Better Elevator Pitch, by Jeffrey Hayzlett.

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