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We started a new feature called Nine To Five this year to give advice to employees on all those tricky work issues that arise daily. And it was by far our most popular weekly column. Here's the Top 10 that caught the attention of our readers

<b>My job-hunting co-worker is getting my promotion</b></br> Develop your skills and resist temptation to throw colleague under the bus</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>Cinders McLeod/The Globe and Mail

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<b>Should I tell 'No Spring Chicken' her skirt is too short for the office?</b></br> Telling your co-worker her attire is inappropriate won't get you anywhere, leave it to your boss</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>

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<b>My manager gets high on the job. Should I rat him out?</b></br> What happens in the back room could make a big stink if the district boss finds out</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>Cinders McLeod/The Globe and Mail

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<b>I plan to quit. Do I have any ethical obligations to my staff and clients?</b></br> The CEO is pushing me out and wants to make big changes. Do I need to tell anyone?</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>Cinders McLeod

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<b>My co-worker dates the boss and gets paid more than me</b></br> You have two options – keep to yourself or press the issue with HR</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>

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<b>How does my lazy co-worker keep getting promoted?</b></br> Fix the problem by letting her burn herself. Show the boss how lazy she is by refusing to do her work</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>

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<b>Should I accept an offer now only to quit for the job I really want?</b></br> I want another job, but I won’t know if they want me until after I’ve said yes to another opportunity</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>Cinders McLeod

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<b>We’re fed up with covering for the slacker newbie hires</b></br> Our manager hired people without the right skills, and we’re having to carry their weight</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>Cinders McLeod/The Globe and Mail

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<b>I’m falling for my ‘work spouse’</b></br> We’re both married with children. Do I pursue a relationship?</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>Cinders McLeod/The Globe and Mail

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<b>My co-worker won’t stop talking about his wife</b></br> I try to ignore him and get on with my work but he won’t take the hint</br> <a href="">Read the story</a>Cinders McLeod

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