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What did your company give you for Christmas?

Not many companies dole out presents for the holidays, but some try to give out some corporate cheer

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We asked Globe readers whether they received a holiday gift from their employer this year.

Here’s what we found: Not many did, but there are a few companies that have a history of spreading cheer.


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At some companies, a few words of appreciation for their work over the past year is all they got.

‘We all show up to create success again in 2014. That’s a gift,’ one reader said.


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These companies are not trying to behave like Scrooge.


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But some businesses are still struggling. Money is not falling from the sky.


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So some office holiday parties were cancelled, while others were a bit more subdued.


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One company in Northern Ontario doled out cookies.

‘A box of cookies to share amongst 40 people!’ one reader wrote.


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One company, First Principles Communication, in Oakville, Ont., brought in a fruitcake for the office staff to share.

‘Because 2013 was a good year, we’ve added rum to the fruitcake’ – Screech in fact, Brian Kilgore said.

And the company bought a new laptop the staff could use.


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Klick Health, a digital health marketing agency, likes to give out ‘some pretty spectacular holiday gifts,’ said Jay Goldman, the company’s senior vice-president of innovation.

Last year, the company’s 200 employees each received a large screen television and AppleTV.

‘This year we rewarded our 320 employees with a brand new Sony PlayStation 4 – as soon as Sony can get them in our hands,’ Mr. Goldman said. The new game console was launched earlier this fall.


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The company had a holiday party at the Carlu in Toronto, he said, which included Cirque du Soleil performers, and a show by jazz pianist Elew.

It was 'a huge celebration of everything we’ve accomplished during the year,' Mr. Goldman said.


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Canadian Tire has given holiday gift boxes to its employees since 1943.


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Each December, the company gives employees a holiday gift box to commemorate the season.

It is ‘one of the most anticipated days of the year,’ Canadian Tire says.


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