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tip of the day

John Foxx

You might have been told that winners never quit, and that quitters never win, but in business and in life sometimes quitting is the smartest thing you can do, says Harvard Business Review.

Setting goals and sticking to them is important. But you should also occasionally re-evaluate your goals. Quitting isn't fun, but sometimes it's necessary.

Here are two warning signs that it might be time to abandon your goal:

1. Your goals have adverse consequences. If you've committed to going to the gym every morning but find that you're too tired to be productive the rest of the day, something needs to give. In these cases, adjust the goal itself or at least how you go about achieving it.

2. Your goals impede other objectives. Most people have several goals – getting healthy, spending time with family, making more sales calls, and so on. If one of your goals is preventing you from reaching another one, decide which is more important.

Today's management tip was adapted from When to Give Up on Your Goals by Dorie Clark.