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Man celebrates being hired (Photos.com)

Man celebrates being hired


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Tell us: How did you get that great job? Add to ...

In today’s tough economy, just getting a job is a challenge. You can fill out online applications until you wear out the keys on your keyboard and not get a job. You can send hundreds of resumes out and not even get a call back.

Globe Careers wants to know what you did to get your current job. Was your resume just so perfect they couldn’t resist you? Did you call the CEO until her voice mailbox was full? Did you network until you knew everyone in the company? Did you serenade the hiring manager? Did you dance a jig and rhyme out your skillset in song?

Whether you simply had all the right stuff and knew the right people or did something extraordinary to get the job you currently have (or recently had), we want to hear from you. This new Globe Careers series aims to shed light on what people are doing to get jobs in this digital age when your resume might only get looked at by a computer algorithm. Give us details about why you wanted this job, how you got it and what you did that you know got you the role. We’ll publish the best of the bunch.

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