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Three tips to turn work adversaries into allies

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Anyone who has faced a rival at work knows how catastrophic such a dynamic can be, but there are ways to flip the situation to your advantage, says Harvard Business Review.

Anyone who has faced rivals at work – bosses who take all the credit, team members who undermine things – knows how difficult it is to ignore them.

Instead, turn your adversaries into collaborators by following these three steps:

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1. Redirect.

Try to channel your rival's negative emotions away from you by bringing up something you have in common, or talking about the source of the tension in a favourable light.

2. Reciprocate.

Give up something of value to your rival – help complete a project or divulge important information – so you are poised to ask for something in return.

3. Reason.

Explain that not working together co-operatively could mean lost opportunities. Most people are highly motivated to avoid a loss.

Today's management tip was adapted from Make Your Enemies Your Allies by Brian Uzzi and Shannon Dunlap.

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