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giving back

The donor: The Feldberg family

The gift: Raising $500,000 and climbing

The cause: Prostate Cancer Canada

When Philip Feldberg died from prostate cancer at the age of 59, his family was devastated but they decided to do something for others battling the disease.

The Feldbergs began raising money for Prostate Cancer Canada, mainly through the charity's annual Father's Day Walk/Run in Toronto. They started out in 2006, a year after Mr. Feldberg died, with a handful of family members and friends, raising a few thousand dollars. Over time, more people joined them and today Phil's Pals has roughly 100 members walking every year in the event and the group has raised around $500,000 in total. The money has gone to a variety of prostate-cancer research projects including scholarships.

"It's pretty amazing to see the support for my dad and just to know that we are raising so much money and that so much has been done with that money," said Mr. Feldberg's daughter, Robyn Feldberg, 43, who participates in the walk with her four children. "We can't get our dad back but we can help others keep theirs. So that's basically what keeps us going."