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giving back

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The donor: Ben Levy

The gift: Co-founding Operation Med School Toronto

The cause: Raise money for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children and help students pursue a career in health care.

Ben Levy is finishing high school this spring and he has no doubt about what he wants to do next: become a doctor.

He knew many other students who were interested in a career in health care as well but didn't know where to turn to for information. So a year ago, he teamed up with a group of students and started Operation Med School Toronto, a day-long gathering that includes speeches from doctors, workshops with medical students and networking sessions. It's designed to help high-school students who are interested in medicine learn about various fields. Roughly 300 students participated in this year's event, which also raised $8,000 for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. The first conference, held in 2016, raised $2,000 for the hospital. Mr. Levy is hoping to keep the conference going after he graduates and he wants to raise even more money for Sick Kids.

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