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If it's worth hearing once ...

When he was starting out, entrepreneur Seth Godin says he listened over and over to books on tape, notably motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. The key, he says, is to listen to a helpful book 10, 20 or a 100 times in a row, rewiring your brain – Seth's Blog


Spot roadblocks with key question

Ask job candidates, "What's your biggest roadblock to creative thinking?" Their answers will illuminate what to watch for, or adjust, if the person comes on board, notes blogger Kyle O'Brien –


In-house CEOs keep team stable

On average, new CEOs promoted from within keep 45 per cent of the senior team in place, while chief executives brought in from outside retain only 37 per cent, according to RHR International research. Insider CEOs reach outside for 10 per cent of the new team; outsider CEOs for 36 per cent – RHR International


Let's make a deal, and save some time

Productivity coach Peggy Duncan says make a deal with your team: If they identify three management actions that waste their time, you'll remove them. Then, they must identify three ways they waste time and eliminate it – Organized Executive Blog


Valet app pinpoints your parking spot

If you sometimes forget where you parked your car, blogger Jill Harness suggests using Valet, an Android app that remembers where you parked and can also warn when the parking meter expires –

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